Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A procrastinator - Moi?

Now once or twice I might have mentioned my problem with procrastination, but you might not realise quite how bad it is.

Over the last few days I've tackled a few bits that have been outstanding for years. It was prompted by my little mini quilts that I made. I knew I wanted them on the wall, but thought it was highly likely they would end up stuck in a cupboard for years. I didn't know how to get them up on the wall as I didn't want to hammer nails. I trawled amazon and found 3m Command hanging strips. I wasn't sure if they would stick to the fabric and then to the wall, but to my surprise they did! And they seem to peel off the wall again without taking the paint off!

When I ordered these strips, I also went for a few frames. I have a load of things that need framing but they are so expensive in shops. The vendor I found on amazon seemed a lot more reasonable, also I had a load of gift vouchers thanks to my credit card spending so they were all free.

So I got busy. This picure I bought about nine years ago - its been waiting patiently to go up since them and although it isn't a perfect fit, I like it in the hall.

Then here, above the fireplace in the dining room a few more. The dark picture I bought I think about 10 years ago, the little flower was given to me by a friend  again at least 10 years who had bought it in France and then never did anything for years with it  and the Egyptian Papyrus was a gift from a friend of my Mum. Sadly she passed away, over 15 years ago! Its been in a plastic bag all this time!

Then I have some needleworks that I framed but never put up. Just to show how long thing can get out off with me, the dates on this are 1993 and 1994. Thats a long time between making them and displaying them!

I need to dig out some more of my old work and get them up on the walls finally, these little strips should work a treat.

I also had a bit of a fabric tidy up. I'm embarrassed to say, it has been creeping all over the house and I totally forgot what I had.

I still have a load in the dining/sewing room, but the rest all made it into these wire baskets (which were until recently full of old curtains that have now gone to charity). There are 6 drawers stuffed full of fat quarters and yardage like these.

And a small drawer with pre-cuts... but the 3 new jelly rolls that arrived as I was preparing this post won't fit... Oops!

On a complete tangent, has any UK readers noticed the Royal Mail deliveries getting odder lately? I have had deliveries the last two sundays! And my fabric arrived at 6.15pm today.


Shay said...

That's one impressive stash Missy! Glad you managed to tame it. Did you use a whip and a chair?

I bet you feel like you achieved a heap by getting all those lovely pictures/creations up on the wall. Well done! (That's Mr. P's job here - I tend to just tell him where I want them and then let him worry about the details like how it's going to happen )

Michelle said...

I've got an unquilted top from the early 90's so I totally understand about procrastination! Good for you for tackling all those pictures and getting them up.

It's fun to organize fabric, and go, "Oh, I forgot I had this." Kind of like Christmas. :-)

Leanne said...

You have such lovely pictures and things all coming out of hiding, good for you. I just use straight pins from my pincushion to put up the mini quilts.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Love your stash :-)
And you give me hope that I may get round to putting things on my walls one day!