Thursday, 8 March 2012

Quick Crochet

After my visit to Tricolette at the weekend I had to get started using my new wooden crochet hook.

It took me a while to get used to it as it doesn't have a flat bit along the middle that the metal or plastic ones have which I usually rest my thumb on. I was worried a bit about the balance with the detail on the end but it wasn't really noticable. In all honesty, I can't say that it was any better or worse to use than the regular hooks.

I did have one little thing that irritated me. I have a habit when putting my work down of shoving the end of the hook into the ball of yarn or the piece I've been working on to keep it safe. With the fancy end of this hook that wasn't possible.

Just to remind you what I'm talking about, this pic from sunday is of my purchases.

And now my wool looks like this. I just wanted something quick and simple and made a long skinny scarf with a bit of a raised stitch to give it texture.

I really like this wool, it is Rowan Colourspun and it has enough mohair to give a bit of a fluffy feel without being annoyingly sheddy (not a real word but I think you know what I mean).


Lane said...

Love your scarf. I like a simple hand project to take on the go. And, your hook is lovely. Lane

Tammy said...

Your scarf is really lovely. Beautiful colour and texture. I use bamboo croquet hooks and knitting needles, they feel really smooth and wool just slides over them. I prefer them to both metal and plastic.

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Wow - you made that so fast and it is so beautiful!! You really must teach me one day :)

Kelly said...

That is so pretty and you are super fast!

Marg said...

Gosh that was quick, it looks lovely.

Leanne said...

I love your scarf and the colour of that yarn is beautiful.

Helsie said...

Hey that was fast ! Looks very nice too. That colour is in all the shops here for Winter. I really like it. Pity it is too warm here for scarves.

Unknown said...

Oh My Gosh, I love the crochet hook! I can understand that it would be difficult to learn to work with. The scarf is lovely. I have read about Rowan yarn, but never seen it or worked with it. I love the color and the simplicity of it! Beautiful

Annabelle said...

Lovely scarf - I too am in love with these Rowan wools at present. I have been using bamboo - supposed to be good for arthritis and other nerve injuries (like my chemo damage)
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