Thursday, 1 March 2012

Visiting the dreaming spires

I spent the night in Oxford last night (yes the university Oxford) but have I got pics of the dreaming spires, different colleges, pubs where Lewis Carroll, Tolkein or Inspector Morse hung out?


I arrived at the hotel

Sat in the hotel bar drinking and chatting with friends I haven't seen since last summer

Took a cab to a restaurant that I can't remember the name off already

Had a lovely meal and quite a lot of wine

Back in a cab to the hotel bar for a bit more drinking and chatting

Went to bed at 3am

Got up, had breakfast and left hotel by 10am.

Came home this morning without hangover as I never get them, but really tired. I'm too old for all that early hours drinking.

Didn't see a dreaming spire or anything touristy at all.

I did however go shopping before I arrived in Oxford and treated myself.

A girl can never have too many green handbags, but I am getting dangerously close to the limit!


Sarah said...

Ach sounds like you had a great night though :-) And you can see Oxford on old Morse re-runs!

Unknown said...

Shevy, sounds like you had a good time. Love the bag and love that you enjoyed some wine and the company of good friends!

Leanne said...

Wonderful bag, and it sounds like a brilliant evening. Pictures can be taken next time, you clearly soaked up the atmosphere.

Di said...

Sounds like a good night. Friends are far more important than spires. Respect to you that you can party like a young 'un! Di xo

Shay said...

3 am bedtimes and drinking at dinner dont support picture taking the next morning. Sometimes it's just about catching up with your mates !

LOVE that handbag.

Michelle said...

Yeah, for me it's not the drinking so much (although I do have my limits), but the no sleep that kills me.

Lovely design on that green handbag!