Sunday, 22 April 2012

The joys of foundation papers

I know some people don't like doing it, but I really enjoy piecing with foundation papers. I still get my head twisted around sometimes with the sew and flip and have the fabric in the wrong place, or the wrong shape or the wrong side facing outwards but the accuracy and precision I can achieve are way beyond anything I can do with normal sewing.

These are two recent pieces that have made their way to their new homes so I can show them.

I made this with my new machine and was part of my getting to know it couple of made sewing days. I didn't have a proper template so I went looking for an outline drawing of the flag. I knew that the white crosses are different widths but can never remember which way round they go. So I found a site for children that has flags for colouring in Perfect for foundation piecing. I cut the drawing into quarters to do the fiddly bits then just measured the red cross and pieced it normally.

The second piece was finished ages ago but I'm ashamed to say it took me a long time to send it off. I held a giveaway at the beginning of the year to celebrate my 2nd blogiversary but I didn't tell the winner what they were getting. I just asked for a colour combination they liked. Well A at was the winner and chose red and aqua and eventually she received this.

It is made up of 9 6 inch blocks taken from RaNae Merrills book which I love. The follow up book Mandala Quilts is equally impressing. I haven't had the guts to tackle a full sized quilt using the technique yet, but I really wanted to play with it so thought it would be great as a mini.

I had to rummage deep in my stash for red fabric but did have enough to get the variety in each blade. I wanted the aqua to act as a background, but still had to piece it a wedge at a time. I like the effect it has though, it almost looks pleated. In total this 18inch mini has 225 pieces!

I did very simply quilting, I didn't think it needed anything else as the top is busy enough.

Overall I was really pleased with it, even though the colours aren't my normal choice. I just need to learn to take decent photos - these two are the best of a bad lot!


Sarah said...

Oh yeah, loving my foundations, even if I do spend hours flipping the wrong way!!

Shay said...

My one experience with foundation piecing involved a bit of wrong way flipping myself.

I love that flag - it looks fantastic!

Di said...

Sheevy, both minis are great but the second one has so many pieces. I take my hat off to you! Di x

Shocking Hocking said...

love the union jack - looks fantatsic

Tammy said...

Your flag is awesome! The other mini looks very complex and difficult to do. Bravo ... very well done!

Leanne said...

Those are both wonderful. I too seem to a have a thing for foundation paper piecing, even though I make a lot of mistakes along the way.

Unknown said...

Shevvy, both minis are wonderful. I don't have a lot of experience with foundations. I love the Union Jack and will have to follow the link you posted. Big has her room decorated with Union Jacks and this mini will bring a smile to her face.

Helsie said...

Very clever Shevvy. I'm having my first lesson with paper piecing in August. Looks interesting.
PS Love that second quilt