Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What is modern quilting?

Our april challenge for the London MQG is to make a 12x12 inch mini that shows what modern quilting means to us.

I had an idea and started working on it but part way through I decided it wasn't turning out how I wanted and got another idea. I've now finished them both but neither is quite right so I am thinking of going back to the original idea.

This is the first one.

For me it says using traditional blocks in a new way and celebrates wonky. I love the nine patch block so used that as my base. The centre is a wonky log cabin and the 4 corner blocks are a larger wonky log cabin cut into quarters. Then the star elements are wonky triangles - another block I've used a lot in quilts. The yellow neutral shows what a large part solids have to play in the modern ideas. Lots of straight line quilting finished it off.

But - it is missing something - the star isn't defined enough and the quarter log cabin blocks distract from it. I'm also not that happy with some of the fabric.

So, onto the second option.

This one shows the rainbow of colours, Nothing is off limits. The white is the negative space and solid. It was made by piecing all the strips together, slicing them at random angles and then sewing it back together again, each strip offset from the other. It represents the freeform nature of modern quilting. I also did some FMQ, a big flower off centre and then random swirls.

But again - its not quite what I imagined. When I saw it in my head, the colour swish was a lot narrower. I wish I had cut my colour bands narrower, no more than 1.25 inches each. Some were closer to 2 inches. This would have left a lot more white space. also, I didn't need to slice the strips so narrow, some could have been wider at one side and had more angle on them.

I'm finding the small scale much harder to work with. I would have been very happy with both of these as full sized quilts.

What does modern quilting mean to you?


Di said...

Shevvy, both minis are great but I do like the second one more. Your quilting is brilliant on both of them. Do you think that you are being too hard on yourself? Di XL

Lane said...

I love the rainbow colored one. But, the first one is more a representation of what modern quilting means to me. The fabrics and the colors and the prints all scream MODERN. And, the block pattern and the quilting are traditional. I love the idea that modern quilting is merging the traditional blocks and quilting with the modern fabrics and colors. Both are great, but I have a fave. Lane

Helsie said...

Shevvy the second quilt is right on the mark as far as I'm concerned - irregular, angular, all about colour. Well done!

Leanne said...

I am glad I am not the only one who finds the different size of a mini challenging. I love both quilts, especially the quilting. I think that both quilts really depict modern quilting. But I am not sure that modern quilting is that modern, we can discuss it on the train, at length.

Kelly said...

I am going to be super helpful and say I like both ;-). They both sum it up for me.

Shay said...

The second one is rocking my socks for the modern look. Check out your fabulous quilting ! Brilliant.

Pennie said...

I'm just glad I'm not the only one struggling with a number of entries that just don't seem quite right!!! :-)