Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Stand at FOQ's

After all the words in the last post, its time for pictures of our gallery space at Festival of quilts.

The mini in this pic with the new york beauty used patterns from this great link http://www.lenzula.de/en/pattern/free-pattern/new-york-beauty.html

Dorothy's quilt on the right uses the Lotus pattern from Jaybirdquilts
My tumbling blocks quilt - more on this in my next post.
My tumbling on the left and in the bottom right my mini "Neon"
Its hard to photograph the effect of the variegated thread
This quilt of Judi's was made using a design by Kati Spencer at
The entrance. I made the hanging logo with Dorothy who also designed it. Wasn't it a great idea. We needed the flag to differentiate us from the London Canada guild! Yes that has been a problem.
The guild baby quilt which I assembled and quilted. All the blocks used patterns from the link at the top of this post.
Claire's mini in the middle there is from Julie Herman's Skip the Borders book - the pattern is White Stars
Judith's Single Boy is a version of Denyse Schmidt's fabulous quilt.
There are three EPP's from Dorothy there that she started at last years Fat Quarterly retreat designed and taught by Katy Jones


Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

We should alse mention that the wavy solds quilt by Alice was a bee quilt and Cara's quilt at the bottom photo with the Rocky Road to Kansas blocks (Fresh Lemons Quilts) was also a bee quilt if I am correct?

pennydog said...

All brilliant, I think our group should do one next year, it's a lovely booth area. That Dorothy lass is prolific!

Leanne said...

This is a wonderful gallery, thank you for sharing all the beautiful quilts!

Shay said...

So much awesome quilty goodness in one post. Your stand looks great ladies
Im particularly fond of Pic 2 –the quilt with the grey background with blue triangles. Amazing!

Your tumbling blocks looks great hanging there for everyone to admire and I love the single boy quilt too- what a great take on a pattern Ive seen a lot (but never quite like that )

Catrin Lewis said...

My favourite area of the show!

alice findlay said...

Yep, mine was a bee quilt,
block and quilt design by me ( inspired by Victoria Findlay-wolfe's wavy piecing)...told anyone who appeared to glance at it!
guess we have learned that we need to give more details and credits next year. x