Friday, 16 July 2010

The good, the sad and the ugly!

I finished my course today! I can't believe 12 weeks has gone so quickly. It's only been a half day a week but I feel I learnt loads and really enjoyed it. I've already signed up to carry on in September. It will take years but maybe one day I will be a counsellor.

Yesterday evening I went to a mass at the Westminster Cathedral dedicated to the mother of a friend of mine who died a few weeks ago. She worked there for years until her illness got too much for her so they wanted to pay their respects. Now this is the Catholic cathedral in Westminster, so although it was Catholics who built the Abbey next to the Houses of Parliament that pesky Henry VIII did his doings and it wasn't until this one opened in 1903 that we got one back!

It is a lovely building near Victoria - the inside is not what you expect from the outside. I couldn't take a snap of that for obvious reasons!

And for the ugly it is my string quilt!! I was really happy with it and got it all sewn together earlier in the week. Then I took a photo and realised I had turned one section the wrong way around. I'll have to unpick it now!!! It was supposed to make a central square. Not be this wonky! Blaaaarh!


Unknown said...

That Henry the VIII, what to do about him?

Don't you hate it when you think you are doing a wonderful job with your quilt and then you look at it and realize you messed up?!?! I hate to rip things apart. Other than the mistake, the quilt looks beautiful. I love string quilts, so easy and colorful.

Shay said...

It sucks to make a mistake especially when you dont realise until after the fact.

I'm with Cynthia though - it's really beautiful.

How would you be if Henry asked you out - too scared to say no , but wondering if at some point you were going to lose your head if you said yes?

Shevvy said...

I love doing the string quilts but now I'm all procrastinating about redoing it. I've already started my next top - I finally got my hands on some kona solids and am playing with those. I have to do it soon though or it will never get done!

Horrible shudder went through me at the thought of Henry asking you out! A no win situation and no mistake! Of course if it was when he was young before he got fat and gouty he was supposed to be one of the greatest princes in christendom!

Marg said...

It so annoys me when I have finished putting a quilt top together and then look at it and realise i made a great big stuff up. That's when it ends up in the UFO pile, because I will probably never finish it. I am trying to change my ways though, so I will say to you, it will be worth the unpicking, because it is a lovely quilt and should be finished.
What a horrible thought being asked out by Henry V111.