Sunday, 4 July 2010

Its art Jim but not as we know it!

I had another day in town today, but much more fun that hospital visiting. I've been wanting to see the Henry Moore exhibition at Tate Britain for months and finally made it.

Afterwards had a wander around some of the galleries and discovered these! They are real decommissioned fighter planes. I don't get the artistic reference but they looked amazing in the room.

Tried to look around a bit more as I haven't been to this gallery for a long while but the rest of the rooms were like a sauna so we went outside into the gardens and had a good natter instead! If you've been watching Wimbledon you might have notice we are having a heatwave instead of our usual rain and I can't cope with it. At least there was a slight breeze today and shade so it was a pleasant afternoon.


Shay said...

How odd does it look to see a fighter plane hanging vertically from the ceiling?

Did you enjoy the Moore exhibition?

Unknown said...

Not sure what a natter is, but is sounds like it was better to be outside. Hope your Aunt is better.

Shevvy said...

It was really weird, I was most concerned about how the roof was holding it up.

The Moore was good, I thought I knew what to expect but some of the pieces surprised me.

Shevvy said...

Comments here seem to be disappearing, but Cynthia a natter is a good chat and catch up x