Thursday, 1 July 2010

Sadness and Gratitute

Its so easy to let the little things get to you and feel like the whole world is out to get you. I've had my fair share of those times. However when I look back I realise it truly wasn't that bad, and thats probably the same for most people.

I know a family though that has had far more than their fair share of troubles. Good hard working parents with four kids, the dad is suffering with throat cancer. Their only son was murdered a few years ago and now one of the girls has died suddenly at the age of 37. She was difficult and caused them a lot of heartache over the years but they never rejected her and did everything they could to help her.

It puts everything else in perspective. Its just too much. If I was religious I would be angry at a god that did this to people. If I believed in karma I would say they must have been terrible in another life.

Strangely it also makes me grateful. Grateful that my life isn't or ever has been as terrible as theirs. Grateful that I have a nice peaceful life now. Grateful that I was able to walk away from the people in the past that brought me nothing but pain. Grateful for my wonderful Mum who was strong enough to get my dad out of my life before he damaged me beyond repair like he did with his kids from his first marriage.

Today is a day to focus on whats good about life. Enjoy it!


Shay said...

Loved this post Shevvy. Even when not so great things happen we should all reflect on the good things we still have. I have a feeling I'm going to get a lot of practice with this concept in the not so distant future!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. It was a great reminder for me personally.

Shevvy said...

Thanks Shay. I was just talking to my Mum about it all (its all anyone can talk about at the moment) and she blurted out "I'm glad it wasn't you!.
Take care, hope things aren't too stressful coming up x