Monday, 9 August 2010

Back at the family homestead

In the cottage in Ireland where my Mum was born my Cottage Garden Quilt has settled into its new home. The cushions in front were made by one of my aunts who now owns the cottage and the painting above was done by one of her sons.

Here is a quilt the same aunt hand stitched along with another who is now deceased. They worked on it together on and off for years using the paper piecing method.

Finally and by no means least, this is a quilt that my Granny made. I would guess in the 50s or 60s as before those decades she would have been too busy raising 13 children. It is getting a bit worn in places as it is made with some sort of polyester and has a blanket inside instead of batting. Love the use of solids though and the multi-coloured ties. She never had a sewing machine, yet it is machine pieced so she may have done it at the local womans group where she borrowed one.


Marty Mason said...

It seems to be perfectly at home in this room filled with happiness and warmth. Love it!

Unknown said...

Your quilt goes so wonderfully in the cottage. I thnk it is nice that you have a family home. My family has always moved around so much, we don't have a home that has been in generations.

A Garden of Threads said...

Your quilt looks wonderful in its' new setting. A fantastic job. Take care.

Shevvy said...

Thanks ladies.