Sunday, 15 August 2010

When piecing goes wrong!

I'm busy at the moment with practising my free motion quilting on one of my recently finished tops so I thought I would share with you my solution to the problem of when your piecing accuracy is so bad that nothing matches up.

I made this quilt last summer and it was at the time the most complicated piecing I had done but my accuracy was dreadful. I went on my merry way making blocks from a Kaffe Fassett jelly roll and various cream fabrics but didn't think at all about how I would put them together. I knew the points in the individual blocks were a bit sloppy but I hadn't understood that it would be worse when I tried to put the blocks side by side.

It was an awful mess, so I went with the solution, Sashing! Up until then, I hadn't been that keen in sashing in the quilts I was looking at in books and online but know I got why it was so useful. It disguises a multitude of sins!

I also did my second attempt at free motion quilting on this and my first pieced backing using some of the scraps from the front and even the binding used some more of the strips.

This ended up as one of my favourite quilts (the fabrics are lovely) and I never intend to give it away. Of course it still hasn't got a name, or a label yet! 


Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

The quilt looks beautiful! I'll remember about the sashing :))

Shay said...

It turned out just beautifully. I love it too.

I just had this random thought that our great grandmothers didnt worry about perfection with quilting or crafts the way we do.

Unknown said...

The quilt looks really lovely. I wouldn't want to give it away either. The back is wonderful as well. We learn as we go, don't we?

Nadine said...

It looks great.

Lizzet said...

The quilt look fantastic! It is great that you never give up and keep trying things :)

Shevvy said...

Thanks all.
Shay you are right, I'm sure in the past they didn't have the quilt police checking up on them!