Friday, 13 August 2010

Coasts, Castles and Cottages

Last pics from my week in Ireland. As you will see from the skys it wasn't exactly glorious summer weather but we didn't get much rain which was the main thing.

This is Banna Strand, Co Kerry where some family friends live.

Beagh Castle is a ruined 13th century tower on the banks of the river Shannon at Ballysteen, Co. Limerick. Not far from where my Mum is from.

Curragh Chase is also nearby and is now a country park. The big house was devestated by fire in the 40s and has never been restored but a least the hoi polloi can enjoy the grounds these days.

Finally for garden enthusiasts this is the garden I would like to have, if I had the space, time and energy to bother! I'm ashamed to say it is all down to an 83 year old woman who spends most of her time fundraising for the church! My great aunt has built this up from nothing really. The cottage was where my granny was raised and is just around the corner from the one where my Mum was born!

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Shay said...

Lordy me that garden is gorgeous!

I've been away from blogland for ages and it seems you've been flitting around doing all sorts of interesting things in my absence.