Wednesday, 2 March 2011

2 of 12

No, that isn't my borg designation but the number of tops I've turn from my ufo pile into finished this week! Hooray for me.

This top was something I put together when I had flu last month. As my brain wasn't really working very well, but I still wanted to sew every now and again, I started looking in my oddments pile. I had a few jelly roll strips left over and started adding all sorts of other bits and pieces to the mix, all sorts of colours and patterns.

I went for simple piecing so I didn't have to think too hard and to be honest I didn't feel this top at all. When I got a bit better, my reaction was "what the hell was I thinking" but with more colourful words!

I pieced the leftover bits into little blocks for the back and then this week went looking for something to go with them. I couldn't resist the orange. It seemed to lift it all. I have to admit, I love orange. I've even put it on walls before which is why I had this in my stash. Its even brighter that the pic in real life.

The orange did something magical - it made me like the top. Even if you couldn't see it somehow I knew it was there.

I just did really simple loopy free motion quilting for this one and it only took about 1.5 hours. The more I quilted, the more I liked the top. And it got a name "Tropical Crush".

My crappy flu quilt is now one that makes me really happy. Yay for orange!


Shay said...

I really like it too(despite not being an orange person myself ) and I love the name.

Isnt it wonderful when something you work on that you felt ho hum about turns into something you adore!

I like the quilting too!

Marg said...

Love the name. I'm not a huge orange fan, but it looks great. So pleased that you like it now that it's finished. A couple of times I've started a quilt, loved it and the further I go with it the more I dislike it.
Great quilting too.

Lane said...

Yay for Orange indeed! I love the scrappiness of it and the quilting just sets it off perfectly. Congratulations and glad you are feeling better. Lane

Helsie said...

I love the bright/ deep colours you have used and I think it has turned out really well. I'm very impressed that you have done the quilting yourself. I've just paid $160 to have one quilted !!! and it wasn't for me !!!!

Unknown said...

So glad you are back and feeling better! The quilt is really lovely! I love to quilt with bright colors and I think this quilt fits the bill. I don't wish you to be sick, but you get a lot accomplished when you are!

By the way, can you e-mail your address to me? Thanks

Debra said...

Sometimes the oddment quilts turn out to be the best ! Love the colors and the quilting !