Saturday, 13 August 2011

Festival of Quilts

Finally I'm getting around to posting some of my pics.

I have to say, looking back I wish I had taken even more as there were so many quilts to see that a lot of them began to blur in my head and I can't remember them.

Even though most of my pics aren't very good they will help me remember.

There was so much to see I have to admit I did very little shopping, there just wasn't enough time. It needs at least 2 days there. In the end I only bought some thread - a box set of Aurifil. Instead of £76 it was £60 so bargain or what.

As for the quilts, well what can I say. Some were amazing and inspiring. A few I thought were blah! Some I thought, I could do better than that.

One of the big themes was figures and faces and photos printed onto fabric. I have to admit, these didn't appeal to me at all. I admired the work and techniques that went into them, but wouldn't want them on my wall or want to recreate them. I did take photos of the quilts numbers to be able to look in the brochure who the quilters are but haven't got around to organising that yet.

The work that children did was amazing. Some on their own, others with school groups. This one won the primary school award  (upto 11) - my Aunt pointed out that the Puck Fair is a big thing in Kerry so flying the Irish flag.

This one won the Amateur award. Amateur!!!

The theme that clearly appealled to me was circles and spirals based on the photos I took.

But my favourite was this display from the European Quilters Association. Even my cousin who isn't a quilter wanted to make some of these. Aren't they great? All about a dinner plate size.


Inspiredbyfelix said...

I was there thursday too, and I had the same conversation with my Mum about that Amateur quilt! It was amazing wasn't it?!

Sarah said...

Thanks for taking pics, its great for those of us that couldnt go to see some of the quilts :-) That "amateur" one is terrifying! AMATEUR?!!! Its incredible!

Marg said...

Thanks for the photos. I agree, Amateur? Ha!
I really like the idea of the small circular quilts although that would mean making a perfect circle and binding it, hmmm!!!

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Thanks for sharing! Stunning! Dare I say I quilt? The school one is cute, too.

Shay said...

Oh my goodness..there are some absulte beauties in there arent there? I love the one that looks like surf!