Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mystery QAL catch up

Hooray, I've finally caught up with Sheilas Mystery QAL (see button on the side if you want to join in). I did have a bit of a pratt attack, the simplest part should have been the plain panels used to join these blocks together. Really, really simple. Just cutting.

Firstly I chose a fabric that I didn't like so had to do it again but for my second go I cut the pieces too narrow and when I say narrow I mean half the size they should have been! Being very annoyed with myself by this point, I took the lazy route and just added on another strip rather than removing them and recutting properly!

Will I come to regret my laziness? Who knows.

I am now finished work and don't haven't anything else planned until October. I've been looking at the projects I have outstanding and need to make a list and prioritise them, there are that many! Watch this space..


Sheila said...

What I always say at times like this - "it's patchwork" will need all the time off you can muster for next weeks instalment...hee hee.

Leanne said...

Your blocks are looking wonderful, surely thinner braids cannot matter.

Michelle said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!