Wednesday, 9 November 2011

This and that

I've been working on all sorts of things the last few days.

I started quilting the mystery quilt, I'm doing it in pieces and then will put them together at the end. I am doing quite heavy quilting, but it isn't really working out how I imagined. I thought with dense background quilting it would make the stars pop, but it may be the combination of fabric and wadding but the background is coming out really flat and the stars pop anyway because of the colour. I'm plowing on though as the thought of unpicking is horrific and its all good practice.

I was at Waterloo last week at the Old Vic to see a play and popped into the wool shop at The Cut, They have lots of loveliness to stroke and I ended up buying a few skeins. I got cracking with them straight away and turned them into these, my first crochet hats. All set for the winter now.

And another finish, I started working on this needlepoint in the summer when I was working away. Its a bit distorted at the moment as I didn't use a frame. I usually do, but as it was being dragged up and down the motorway to work on in hotels it wasn't practical. I finished it today and it is going to become a cushion. So that means I have to sew another dreaded zip! Will I get on with it straight away or let it hide in a corner for ages putting it off? No idea - at the moment the corner is looking likely.

The green hat got its first airing at the weekend when I went to enjoy the fireworks at Blackheath for Bonfire night. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love fireworks.

Apart from that and class, I seem to be most occupied by procrastinating over working on my accounts, I hate doing them but I can't put them off much longer... blah!


Leanne said...

Good for you, already quilting the Mystery Quilt. I am eager to get mine ready for quilting. I think you best make that lovely needlework into a pillow right away so it is not lost in the corner, don't worry about the zipper part, you will be fine.

Sheila said...

So excited that you have started quilting the Mystery!

Lane said...

You have been very busy. Background quilting can have a way of doing that...not giving the effect you want, but like you say, it's all good practice. I'm about to restart a hat. Hated the pattern and just because I'm half done is no reason not to undo it all and start over. Lovely needlepoint! Lane

Shay said...

LOVE those hats. Every year I say Im going to bust out and wear hats in winter but I never do (people dont wear hats much here at all except in Summer because of our wonderful Sun)

Im sure your quilt will shine no matter what you do with it because those stars really are stunning.