Saturday, 4 September 2010

Home from the sea!

I'm back after my week away cruising to wonderful Norway and very sad to be home I must say. No one to serve me lots of fab meals, make my bed each morning, turn it down at night, leave a choccie on my pillow and no more wonderful fjords and mountains and waterfalls to enjoy.

I have a case full of dirty washing and an empty fridge to look forward to instead! Not fair!

When I go through all my pics I'll show you all some of the highlights, basically all of it.


Shay said...

Cannot wait to see your pics. Glad to have you home! Although I can totally understand you not being as thrilled about it as I am.

Unknown said...

You should have had all those wonderful people who served you great food and chocholate do some of your laundry before you came home!! Hope you get settled and can't wait to see your photos.