Monday, 13 September 2010

Its official, I'm a blogaholic

I was all relaxed yesterday after a good meal and gossip with a mate I haven't seen all summer and when I got home I read this post about how Bloglines is closing down. Bloglines is the reader I use to keep track of all the blogs I read, oh my God, did I have a little panic attack!

What if I could never remember the names of some of my favourite bloggers! What about all the posts I had been saving with ideas for quilts I was going to make one day! Thats when I knew I was a blogaholic. No question about it.

I followed Paula's easy step by step guide to set up in Google Reader instead (copied below with permission) but now I have to go through each one and find the posts I had saved. This is going to take ages, but I am on a deadline! Bloglines closes 1st October - aarrgh! But the thought of not doing it and just letting all those old posts fade away, no! I can't let that happen. I'm definitely addicted.


You need to have a Google Account which you already have if your blog is in Google Blogger.

1) Sign out of your blog

2) Go to

3) In the upper right hand corner of the Google screen you will see "Sign In". Click it.

4) Fill in the blanks. The email and password are the ones you use to sign into your blog

5) Now that you are signed in the screen looks just about normal except you will see your email addy up in the upper right hand corner.

6) Look in the upper left corner of the screen. If you do not see the word "Reader" then click on the word "More". If you still don't see it in the drop down menu click on "Even More" and you will be in the Google page of all the apps they offer. Look under "Communicate, Show & Share" and pick "Reader"

7) You will now have the "Reader" page.

8) At this point I want you to open another browser window/tab. If you do not know how to do this don't worry.

9) Go to your Bloglines account. From the "My Feeds" page, click "Edit Link" at the top of the left panel. There will be a link to export you subscriptions in OPML formal. Choose that, follow any steps it asks you to do. Remember where the OPML file is saved. (This is very important!)

10) Now go back into your Google Reader. (This is why I wanted you to open another tab because you can switch between the tabs easier and faster than typing in the URL.)

11) Look in the upper right hand corner. See the "Settings" option? Click it and then choose "Reader Settings"

12) Right now we are only concerned with the Import/Export . Click on it.

13) See where it wants you to browse for an OPML file? Click on "Browse" and find the OPML file that you exported from Bloglines.

14) Click on "upload"

15) Follow any suggestions.

16) When done you should have the same blogs in your Google Reader that you had in Bloglines.

17) You can make folders in Reader and move the blogs into folders. It is easy to add blogs by clicking on the Add Subscription at the top.


Marg said...

I don't use bloglines so I don't need to worry, however I still haven't worked out how to copy my RSS feeds of blogs I read from one computer to another. It is just so much easier to read everything with google reader, then I can do it from any computer in the world.
Good luck.

Shevvy said...

Agree, I already realise Google Reader is easier, but I hadn't heard of that when I started using Bloglines and had already started saving. Serves me right, I thought about changing a long time ago but was too lazy! Its much worse now.

Unknown said...

I hope you find all of the addresses and blogs you want. I think I would have an attack if I lost all my info. It is like a lifeline for me.

Shay said...

I dont use Google I missing out on something?

Oh and Shev, we all realised you were blog addicted months ago. But we still love you. See what nice non judgy people we are?

Shevvy said...

I have to say, Google Reader is good and easy to use.

You are only non judgy coz you are just as bad! Well maybe not quite as bad, as you don't use a blog reader. That has got to be a sign really!