Monday, 6 September 2010

Norway - part 2

Day 5 - Olden

A lovely early morning view.

Followed by a full day trip again all over the countryside. First stop up a very scarey road to Videseter, can you imagine how steep and bendy the road was to get up here!

Then going back down another mountain for a view over the village of Geiranger. Where we were heading to a ferry to cross the fjord. That isn't our ship but another one, Ventura is too big to go into this particular fjord!

In the village the perfect scenic shed!

And then from the ferry the fjord looked magnificant.

Day 6 - Stavanger

In the morning one of the biggest private yachts in the world "Le Grand Bleu" sailed past us. 

We took a boat trip along the Lysefjord on a gloriously sunny afternoon. 

And above us was the Pulpit Rock. It was a lot easier to get there by boat than hiking across the top!

Finally we headed back to the ship past the beautiful marina and back on board Ventura to sail back home and say goodbye to lovely lovely Norway. 


Marg said...

It looks beautiful, lovely photos.

Shay said...

It looks and sounds like you a wonderful time. Your pictures are fantastic. My great grandfather came from a nordic country and it always seems so different to Australia. Then again so does England to me.

Shevvy said...

The only bad photos I took are down to my failings like when I got my finger in the way!
Its a hard place to live though I think, in the winter, god no!
I don't think England would be too strange, especially London. Half of Oz are in west London!