Thursday, 16 September 2010

The road to hell...

I was really going to be good. I know I have complained about how much I dislike basting and end up putting it off by started new tops.

I cleared the table of all the bits and pieces of fabric.

I stocked up on wadding.

Then I got some goodies from our friends at Amazon.

And saw this quilt in the jelly roll book.......

Which I kept seeing with all my Amy Butler Loves - fat quarter set and jelly roll!

And had to start with these blocks. much for good intentions!


Lane said...

Ohhh, that temptation to start something new. I fall for it all the time. But, then, if we didn't start new projects, we wouldn't have that pile of unfinished projects to think about. Enjoy the process. Lane

Shay said...

It's midnight or thereabouts in your neck of the woods. Bummer...because I'm going to be basting a quilt today and we could have done it together. By the time you get up I'm hoping mine will be done. Unless I get distracted by a load of pinwheels I dragged out yesterday. I hate basting too. Maybe we should go halves in one of those basting guns. I dont know what they're like but it might be worth checking out!

I think you should commit to Friday night sew in at Handmade by Heidi and get that thing done.

Marg said...

I am trying so hard not to start anything new as my unfinished pile is getting bigger. I probably would have succumbed too as I really dislike basting quilts.
Very nice jelly roll blocks, lovely bright Amy Butler fabrics.

Shevvy said...

I've decided today not to beat myself up about it. They will all get finished when they get finished and if I want to enjoy more piecing instead then so be it.
I can do what I please and that Amy Butler Love is very very pleasing!