Friday, 4 November 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Once again it is time to join in with Mrs P over at for the favs fest.

Today, I have a few of things I wanted to mention. Firstly something I should have mentioned before, Followers. The number of followers I have has slowly been creeping up and I wanted to say thank you for wanted to read my rambling.

Second, the bloggers quilt festival over at Today is the last day to join in, but even if you don't want to enter, there are hundreds of fab quilts to explore. I'm slowly working my way through them, but there are so many I still may be doing it at Christmas. I have had some lovely comments on my entry and have tried to reply to them all. There have been one or two no-reply bloggers though so please, if you left a comment and think I am rude not to answer, then either I've made a mistake and I'm sorry, or you are set as no-reply.

The main thing I wanted to talk about though and something that is a real favourite of mine and something I usually do in work, most often when I'm deep in thought and working out a problem - is doodling.

Below is a scan of one of my notebooks that is fairly typical. You might spot on there early practice (and rubbish) feathers. It occured to me this years to combine my doodling with trying out FMQ patterns to learn how to work then and get used to how the patterns hang together.

Well this week, somehow I stumbled onto the fact that doodling is now an art form! And it seems big business. Its been rebranded and copywrited as Zentangle! For more info, the website is but basically they are teaching you how to doodle and naming all the patterns. Well I must admit, I was a bit astonished that anyone would pay for this, but each to their own. I'm not critizing you if you do, but I am in awe of the people behind it. Somehow I think they are making a shed load of money off this, so good luck to them.

However, I'm not paying to do something I already do, but it did make me realised how many of the patterns they use are already FMQ patterns or could be turned into them. So I gave it a go with a marker pen and card and came up with this, and yes, I did enjoy doing it although I didn't get the Zenlike reaction they propose in their blurb.

But if you want to kill a few minutes and relax, doodle away and if anyone moans about the time you are wasting, tell them you are practicing your free motion quilting - you are!


Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

I like that - it would be a marvelous quilt, you know!

Sarah said...

wow! even your doodles are impressive lol

Shay said...

I'm a doodler too - especially in boring work meeting . I'll have to point out to people I'm not ignoring them- I'm being Zen like!

Love your doodles Shev (that sounded a bit rude actually!)

thea said...

Agreed. Your doodles are quite impressive. Mine are usually grapes or funny looking faces that I quickly toss. Nice FTF.

Kate said...

Great doodles. I love that you did them in blue!

Paulette said...

Love your doodles. I was doodling FMQ designs during boring phone calls at work on Tuesday, but nothing as elaborate as yours!

Kirsten's Cooking said...

that is very impressive!

I find that the only "doodling" I do is during church when I fill in all of the d's, o's, etc.

annabelle said...

Lovely to catch up with your blog again - and thanks for sticking with me throughout my illness. The doodling thing is amazing - look at Dodo Pads - I get one in diary form yearly and they are just for that purpose!

Helsie said...

Your doodles are much more artistic than mine. You obviously have an artist's eye. Mine are all straight lines and crisscrosses !!